From a handful of seeds
grows a
From the actions of you and your neighbors
habitat can emerge


acres mapped


sites created

Draw a Map

Assess your habitat by drawing a map

Learn about Habitat

Use our custom tools and articles for guidance on creating habitat. Visit our community pages to ask important questions.

Create Change

Get out in your yard, create habitat, and update your map to show the world the postive changes you’ve made!

Anatomy of a YardMap


Trees, flowers, rocks, compost bins, and other key habitat objects. Place these, share the species and other characteristics.


Split your site into the various habitats found there. This is some of the most important data for research.

Site Line

Put in the boundaries of your site. For instance, an entire home property.

Reference Map

Use satellite imagery to find your site and as a reference for creating your YardMap.

Be part of a Community

Join our virtual neighborhood and talk with others interested in creating beautiful and sustainable landscapes.

Learn from others

Whether you’re identifying native plants, learning where to put new bird feeders or wondering how best to support wildlife, YardMap can help you connect with a community of scientists, master gardeners, and people around the world who can help with what you are planning to do.

Share your knowledge

Do you blog about bird friendly gardening or speak up at town meetings for more wildlife habitat? Does your wildflower garden stand out in a sea of green lawns? Then you have something to share. You have the potential to lead others and amplify your sustainable practices.

Join & Create Groups

Would you like to connect with locals about sustainable landscaping? Do you want to decrease the size of your lawn? Create or join a group focused on what’s important to you. Use our tools to track progress, share success, and organize your community for a bigger impact.

No matter who you are, you’ll find people like you and be in good company.

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