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Watertown Bird Garden, Middlesex, MA.

Middlesex, MA

Mary Dunn and her husband have created an urban mecca for wildlife. As avid bird enthusiasts, they have transformed their parcel of land into native habitat that supports dozens of birds, butterflies seeking nectar, bumblebees who overnight on her flowers and a myriad of other creatures. This process has taken time, attention to detail, and dedication. About 11 years ago, the welcoming Carolina Wrens called them home when they were first looking at the property to purchase. And, from day one, they’ve made strategic changes to their landscape. Take a minute to explore all of their photos, appreciating the dramatic BEFORE and AFTER imagery. They teach us that no matter how quaint an urban property is, it can be enhanced to welcome “...the birds and the bees and the flowers and the trees…”, all in the name of a love of birds.