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Back Ten Feet House

Fort Myers, Florida

Sue Scott, the site owner of the “Back Ten Feet House,” is passionate about gardening for wildlife. So much so, that she has made it her life’s work. Scott operates a consulting business, “The Back Ten Feet with Sue Scott,” where she visits clients and provides them with guidance and resources to create beautiful landscapes in Southwest Florida, utilizing native plants that are beneficial to birds, pollinators, and other wildlife. She has a unique approach when encouraging clients to begin to reduce the size of their turf-grass-only properties - by converting the back ten feet of their yard to flowers and shrubs native to their region. It’s a gradual introduction to wildlife gardening that wins a lot of people over. Based out of the Fort Myers area, Sue has become an expert on how to create a dynamic and beautiful landscape in a very hot and dry part of the country. Scott says, “South Florida is not tropical, rather sub-tropical and often dry for 8 months out of the year. What I love is that even here in Florida, there really are seasons. And, the native plants all bloom at different times, providing for the birds and other animals who are passing through.”

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