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Striving for Sustainability, Bedford, VA

Bedford, VA

At YardMap, homeowners often consider how to increase and sustain habitat for wildlife with any backyard project. The sustainable habitat we create for our human families, however, is equally important. This property in Bedford, Virginia, does an excellent job landscaping for both. The extensive gardens focus on native species of flowers, shrubs and trees. An active compost system provides a place to create nutrient rich soil as well as a feeding ground for insects and other wildlife. Their compost is so hot that, even in the winter, birds are found there scratching for grubs. [pic id="4816" layout="right"]The home was designed using passive solar principles to minimize heating and cooling requirements. They heat their water using a solar hot water system, and rain-water is captured on their metal roof and stored in large cisterns in the ground. And, finally, their extensive organic vegetable garden provides an abundance of homegrown food. To learn more about how they created their sustainable home, explore their blog: And, to see all the amazing gardens and wildlife, explore their photo page: