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Plant 4 Wildlife

Waukesha, WI

After purchasing their new 3-acre property in the Midwest, Shane and Lori began transforming their land into wildlife habitat. “Plant 4 Wildlife” is situated just west of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and is already hosting a variety of wildlife, no doubt due to the owners’ vast knowledge about and passion for creating habitat for wildlife. In just a short while, these avid wildlife gardeners have accomplished a great deal, including the reduction of several nonnative invasive plant populations, starting the restoration of native prairie, planting many beneficial native plants, and providing nest boxes for birds throughout the habitat. Visit their YardMap and you'll find many other important habitat features, such as a compost pile, rain barrels, and brush and rock piles, all of which help to conserve water and soil while benefiting birds. They've also certified their property as a Monarch Waystation through MonarchWatch and as Wildlife Habitat through the National Wildlife Federation. The result is an impressive landscape designed to provide critical habitat to wildlife.

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