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Among the Farm Fields in St. Clair, IL

St. Clair, IL

Surrounded by fields, which rotate between corn, soy, and wheat crops, in St. Clair, Illinois, Tina has made it her mission to provide habitat for wildlife. Her family purchased the property in 2006 and she quickly went to work to replant native trees, shrubs, vines, bushes, and flowers in place of the non-native lawn. This endless task provides her with the simple joy of witnessing more and more species of birds, amphibians, insects, and mammals. She is constantly searching for more features to add to her property; a kestrel house, bat house, and a pond are all coming soon. Her efforts are heroic, as she states, “I know the birds and wildlife are here because they are benefiting from my yard”, and that is all the reward she needs. To see more of the amazing things Tina has done to her property, visit her map, and be sure to explore her Flicker page to see all the wildlife she has photo-documented.