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Berger Family Landscape, Kane IL

Kane, IL

Housing developments around the United States are a common form of residence in suburban areas. Living in these communities often comes with rules and regulations. Jeremy Berger in Kane, Illinois, has given his housing development a new definition of beautiful yard. Though the vast majority of his neighbors landscape primarily with lawn, Jeremy and his family have ventured into more sustainable landscaping. They have planted almost 100 different native plants and each year the size of their lawn shrinks. They have a wealth of native wildlife attracted to their native-plants and they have shared their love of these plants by distributing seeds to neighbors and the local elementary school. They enjoy the process of educating their community on different definitions of landscape beautification. Recently, their property was acknowledge by their village Beautification Committee, demonstrating that their passion and educational efforts are paying off. Beauty, after all, is in the eye of the beholder.