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Habitat Network is a team of creative, passionate, and innovative people who work closely to build a citizen-science project that educates individuals and communities about the benefits of creating and maintaining habitat for wildlife. Through our website users can: use a habitat mapping application, read educational information, join groups with other habitat gardeners, plan changes to their landscape, engage in social forums, upload pictures and more! If you are interested in a rewarding programming career, consider applying for our Lead Application Developer.

programming career

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Specific duties include:

  • Serve as the Habitat Network Lead Programmer by providing functional direction of programmers responsible for application design and development related to Habitat Network.
  • Develop, code, test, and maintain web applications in service of Habitat Network and other projects.
  • Resolve user issues in collaboration with citizen science education and research specialists.
  • Exercise leadership in managing the IT architecture behind projects delivered by a team of project leaders, web designers and database experts in Citizen Science.
  • This involves overseeing a development environment that is designed to crowd source data collection and provides dynamic web functionality including maps and advanced data visualizations.
  • The suite of applications focus on habitat mapping/conservation (www.habitat.network), bird monitoring (FeederWatch.org), nest monitoring (NestWatch.org), and citizen science experiences for underserved audiences (CelebrateUrbanBirds.org), all in service of the Lab’s conservation, research, and education missions.
  • These projects require use of software development tools including JavaIDEs, Gitcode repositories, issue trackers and open source libraries.
  • Software produced by the Citizen Science Program generally uses Java, JavaScript, Linux servers, and Oracle Databases.

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