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Your Area Re-Defined.

Redefine the boundaries of your yard. With a limited time $350 donation* to Habitat Network, we will design up to 250 sq ft of wildlife-friendly garden space customized to your local ecology and needs. We’ll analyze your yard and provide you with a detailed plan for adding colorful assortments of native plants to enrich the habitat-value for birds, bees, and butterflies. We’ll create a customized guide for habitat features and sustainable management recommendations. Let Habitat Network help you turn your landscape into a wildlife-friendly oasis.

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Photo © Carol Herley, Ge Yi, Lishutong Zhang

Habitat Network taught me how to reduce the size of my lawn by adding pollinator gardens in the corners. With their help, we curved the edges for easier mowing and put in a combination of native flowering plants and shrubs, along with some ornamental grasses I just love.

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    With a 350 Dollar Donation You’ll Get:

  1. Personalized, ecologically-sound, landscaping recommendations (taking into consideration soil, sun, ecoregion, local flora and fauna, bird-plant-insect interactions, & pollination).
  2. A native plant species list for coverage up to 250 sq ft.
  3. A list of the local wildlife that may be attracted by those plants (which butterflies, birds, or pollinators you could expect to see).
  4. Specific and detailed planting instructions.
  5. One-on-one assistance with creating a habitat map in Habitat Network to guide the plan.
  6. Long-term management suggestions including an anticipated timeline for plant establishment and growth (when you should prune which plants, for example).
  7. A sturdy metal wildlife-friendly Habitat Network membership sign to post in your yard.
  8. Suggestions for local native plant nurseries and landscapers to help make your wildlife gardens a reality.
  9. Invitations to seasonal webinars to support your gardening goals.
  10. Other goodies like seeds, magnets, and stickers.
Stephanie Buglione, Xiaowei Li,Yishan Zhang Planting Palette

Photo © Stephanie Buglione, Xiaowei Li,Yishan Zhang

In just a couple of years we are thrilled with all the butterflies and birds we see visiting the garden. We even had a cardinal nest in the red twig dogwood this last spring!

YARD participant

See the detailed plant palette above? Looks like a lot of work, right? That is the type of custom resource we’ll build for you. First, Habitat Network staff will work with you to schedule a personalized coaching session to learn more about your goals and aspirations to beautify your yard in a way that supports birds and other wildlife. We’ll help identify garden trouble spots and suggest solutions for effective, simplified management. Second, using ecological concepts and landscape designs, we will produce a Y.A.R.D habitat plan that’s perfect for you!

*Why are we offering this service so cheaply?

For a short time, we are piloting this program to a limited audience. The service will increase in cost sometime in the next few months. So give it a try today for a tax-deductible donation that supports our work of changing hearts and minds about birds, one garden at a time.

Are you ready to take your landscape to the next level?

Contact us at 607-254-2450 or help@habitat.network

and we’ll do the hard part for you so you can have confidence in your planting choices.

If you love birds, bees, butterflies…provide habitat. Donate

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Y.A.R.D habitat plans can be designed for all ecoregions in the United States and Canada.