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Support Birds: A Goal for Your Site?

There are a wide range of steps you can take to support birds. Consider installing shelter for nesting birds (nest box or shrubs), or plant a seed or fruit producing tree as a food source. These actions will support resident and migratory birds that require these resources.

Support Pollinators: A Goal for Your Site?

Bees, butterflies, moths, flies, beetles, birds, and bats are all important pollinators. From fields and forests to agriculture to the backyard ecosystem, simple steps, like eliminating chemical pesticides, installing bee houses, or starting a pollinator garden can help support this critical workforce.


Support Turtles: A Goal for Your Site?

Turtles travel miles from one wet area to another for resources, mating, and reproduction. Providing high-quality habitat around ponds and other wet areas can minimize the risks faced by theses well-loved pond inhabitants.


Be Healthier: A Goal for Your Site?

Living in close quarters, like those found in cities, creates some unintended consequences. Heat, low air quality, and lack of access to fruits and veggies can lead to negative health outcomes. You can help mitigate these negative health influences with a few actions, which can change how urban areas work for people.

Other Wildlife

Support Amphibians: A Goal for Your Site?

Many amphibians, like salamanders, are excellent eco-indicators–their presence or absence can reveal the environmental health of an area. You can create a space to support amphibians with actions like installing a cover board, to encouraging reproduction through the creation and protection of wet areas.

Support Dragonflies: A Goal for Your Site?

If you have a wet area you want to be on the odonatophile (dragonflies and damselflies) bandwagon. These species are easy to attract by supporting emergent, submerged, and floating native vegetation for egg-laying. Both larva and adults are voracious mosquito hunters and their presence implies a healthy habitat.

Support Snakes and Lizards: A Goal for Your Site?

Scaly and often secretive, reptiles play an important ecological role by controlling unwanted critters, like mice or cockroaches, in or around our homes. Maintaining safe habitat for these animals will benefit your property. You might even learn to love their ancient ways.


Manage Water: A Goal for Your Site?

Water management is a common issue on most properties. Utilize water management solutions--rain barrels, rain gardens, pervious surface installations, etc--to slow-the-flow and trap water for irrigation.