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Pollinator Garden Plants and Practices

A pollinator garden can be maximized with attention to colors and patterns and specific shapes and sizes, all orchestrated to play host to a bouquet of chemical cues, impeccably timed to provide the nectar, shelter, and other resources pollinators need as they grow, pupate, and nest throughout the season.

Managing Utility Corridors for Wildlife Habitat

With the proper management, utility rights-of-way (ROWs) have the potential to connect natural landscapes and improve habitat conditions for certain wildlife, while also carrying out their primary jobs of delivering utilities.


Support Birds: A Goal for Your Site?

There are a wide range of steps you can take to support birds. Consider installing shelter for nesting birds (nest box or shrubs), or plant a seed or fruit producing tree as a food source. These actions will support resident and migratory birds that require these resources.

Winter Berries for Winter Birds

Not all birds eat the same foods. There is immense variation in the diet of different bird species, as well as seasonal variation within a single species; that is, birds often eat different foods in the winter than in the summer. Here we focus on one source of food in one season: berries in winter.

The Power of the Palette: A Tool to Guide Planting Decisions

This article takes an in-depth look at an age-old tool of landscape design: the planting palette.


Habitat Feature: Bee Houses

A bee house is a simple and attractive addition to any yard or garden space that will provide habitat for solitary cavity-nesting bees.


Habitat Feature: Logs

Fallen logs instantly provide complex structures where a diverse range of organisms can find stable microclimates for nesting, denning, feeding, and food storage.

Healthy Ecosystems

Managing Yards and Green Spaces to Minimize Tick Populations

Creating beautiful landscapes at home and in our community that support a diversity of wildlife while also minimizing our exposure to ticks requires us to understand tick ecology and design our spaces appropriately.


Planning Tool: Understanding How Actions are Awarded

Guide to the Habitat Network Planning Tool Actions