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You’ve Got Your Bee Wildflower Seed Mix, What Now?

A free wildflower seed packet is a small first step, but if you are interested in really putting your property to work for pollinators consider this list of actions and in-depth look at our bees


Abundant Plants, Abundant Wildlife

Increasing the area covered by plants in your yard or community has many benefits for you and wildlife. This is a foundational theme in our work at Habitat Network where we consistently advocate for more areas to be landscaped with plant-life to increase access for wildlife, like this Monarch caterpillar enjoying Whorled Milkweed (Asclepias verticillata) in a native flower bed.


Control Measures for Invasive Plants

A property with a combination of invasive trees, shrubs, forbs and groundcovers will, for example, require a variety of control tactics implemented during different seasons. These tips can help you manage your landscape.

Get to Know the Plants in Your Yard with These Plant ID Tips

Pant ID can be difficult but these tips will give you the resources you need to get to know the all of plants in your gardens.

Healthy Ecosystems

Why Are Invasive Plants Invasive?

Before investing energy and resources into invasive species management, consider how you can best apply control to the forces that are creating, allowing, or encouraging the invasion to take place.

Managing Yards and Green Spaces to Minimize Tick Populations

Creating beautiful landscapes at home and in our community that support a diversity of wildlife while also minimizing our exposure to ticks requires us to understand tick ecology and design our spaces appropriately.

Understanding Wildfire: Human Contributions to, and Solutions for, Managing Fire-Prone Landscapes

Wildfires can seem like big contradictions: though they are natural and important, they also are an ever-increasing threat in our landscapes. How we manage our public and private lands is important for wildlife and wildfire preparedness.