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The (un)importance of Lawn

The era of the lawn in the West is over


Get Reel When Mowing

Grass waits for no one. Sun + water + a couple days = a lawn waiting for some attention. So, out comes the noisy, gas-powered mower at seven o’clock on Saturday (to beat the heat of the day) thrashing the tops off the green-jungle of a front yard, frightening the resident garter snake, and wafting fumes into the window of the neighbor who is cursing the early morning weekend wake-up call--all for the love of a manicured lawn. Does it have to be this way? No. Options are a wonderful thing.

At a School

School gardens provide inspiration, learning and opportunities for discovery

Design Advice

The Seven Principles of Xeriscape

An introduction to Xeriscape

Healthy Ecosystems

Find Out How Your Lawn Measures-up

How big is your lawn compared to other people? Would you be fined if you lived in California for having too much lawn? Find out how to use your habitat map to get your lawn measurements.


Getting Down to Details: Creating Maps that Convey Critical Ecological Characteristics

What kind of mower do you use? Do you abstain from pesticides? Are those flowers native? Set characteristics to make your map go beyond generic.

Native Plants

Backyard Butterfly Gardens: Nature’s Rest Stops

Butterflies are beautiful backyard visitors. Below, use Habitat Network's resources to discover ways you can support butterflies and connect to other citizen-scientists who are providing habitat to these important pollinators.