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Do Honey Bees Compete with Native Bees?

Bees busy buzzing, bumbling, or burrowing are captivating visitors in a garden. As a wildlife landscaper, there are few things as thrilling as watching the bustling bee-activity in flower beds. This has led some bee-enthusiasts to wonder: are native (a.k.a wild) bees and honey bees at odds with one another?

Pollinator Garden Plants and Practices

A pollinator garden can be maximized with attention to colors and patterns and specific shapes and sizes, all orchestrated to play host to a bouquet of chemical cues, impeccably timed to provide the nectar, shelter, and other resources pollinators need as they grow, pupate, and nest throughout the season.


Control Measures for Invasive Plants

A property with a combination of invasive trees, shrubs, forbs and groundcovers will, for example, require a variety of control tactics implemented during different seasons. These tips can help you manage your landscape.

Design Advice

Nativars (Native Cultivars): What We Know & Recommend

When searching specifically for native plants to add to your gardens, it is helpful to be aware of the growing use of nativars, or cultivars derived from native plants. What are they? Why do we use them? What is their ecological impact? And, what should consumers take into consideration before choosing nativars, especially for those of us who are wildlife gardeners?

Healthy Ecosystems

Why Are Invasive Plants Invasive?

Before investing energy and resources into invasive species management, consider how you can best apply control to the forces that are creating, allowing, or encouraging the invasion to take place.

10 Cheap Ways to Source Native Seeds & Plants

There are many ways to obtain free or inexpensive seeds, plants, bulbs, and rootstocks. We have compiled a variety of strategies to consider in your planting adventures.

Native Plants

Native Plant and Pollinator Books

Native plants and pollinators are the magnets that hold the fabric of biodiversity together. Here are some book titles that will provide a deeper look at the role that they both play in our landscapes and how to create beautiful, lively yards where both native plants and pollinators thrive.