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Seasonal changes and national holidays offer key moments throughout the year for wildlife. As the seasons progress, plant life grows through its various cycles and the blossoms, fruits, and seeds produced, play an important role in the life cycle requirements of local birds, pollinators and other wildlife.


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Nesting birds, for example, need building materials and protein from insects which are attracted to new leaves and blossoms in the spring, while migrating and overwintering birds need the sugars and fats from late-season berries and seeds to store energy reserves.


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Likewise, calendar events recognizing the importance of wildlife can improve the support and success of conservation efforts, furthering their impact. Habitat Network recognizes this and has put together this calendar with a collection of holidays based on birds, butterflies, bees, and all sorts of wonderful wildlife that need our support and attention. Each month we will offer a new wildlife calendar to print or use as a desktop wallpaper, complete with information to help you maximize your seasonal efforts.