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Tips for Groups using YardMap

Tricks for getting your group on in YardMap

Are you a nature center, Audubon chapter, park coordinator, garden group, or any kind of group that wants to “stick together” in YardMap?

Tricks for you

  • Create a group in the Community!

    You can create a private or public group. Private groups allow you to control who is a member of the group, and who sees your posts and updates, while public groups make it easier for like-minded individuals to find you and join you. Groups are a great way to communicate with other members, update them about events and efforts at your site, and coordinate bird-friendly interventions.

    To create a group visit the “Community” Tab, click “Discover” at the top left of the page in the black bar, scroll to the bottom of the page, and click on the “create group” button (its big and green!). From there, YardMap will guide you to create your group. Watch the video for more detailed instructions on creating groups.

    Click on the link below the video to go to youtube

  • Utilize one central account to share mapping work among group members

    Right now, each site is ‘owned’ by one user in YardMap. We realize that this can be very impractical when trying to create larger maps (for instance of a nature reserve or park). This is especially true when you want to undertake collaborative efforts that get members of the community involved, such as mapping all the major trees in an area and putting species info in YardMap. One way around this problem is to create a centralized user account that is intended to be shared with many members of a group. Rather than give out your personal account info, its better to create a new account with an independent email address. For instance, “WillyRiverPreserve.”

  • Use direct links to sites to keep a running list of group members data/ maps

    One way to streamline your group is to have members share their sites with a leader, or with your group in the community. It is easy to grab a link to your site using the info window. When you open it, you will see a small “link” image in the bottom left. Click on this to get access to the direct link to your site. Watch the video for more detailed instructions.

    Click on the link below the video to go to youtube

Good Luck getting started – if you have more ideas to share about improving the group experience in YardMap, we are ready and willing to listen. Just drop us a line using the Feedback tab.