Be Healthier: A Goal for Your Site?

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There are many small steps you can take to improve your health and the health of your community. Access to clean air, water and nutrients dramatically improves health outcomes. For example when it comes to food, there is nothing better than a home grown fruit or vegetable to replenish the nutrients the body needs to perform everyday tasks. Installing and growing your own food garden can be an easy and fun way to spend some of your summer months outside while improving your health through healthy eating and stress reduction. Allow nature to work for YOU to improve your health and the health of those around you.

Take action to make the places we live healthier by improving air quality, cooling temps, and being active

Goals Articles Are Special

This article is a part of our Planning for Habitat series. Habitat Network encourages you to set goals for each site you map so you can work towards outcomes that matter to you. Each goal has an introductory article, that links you to actions you might be able to take on your site to work towards meeting your goals.


Actions to Be Healthier

These are the current actions that are tied to this goal. Whether or not you have “completed” an action is tied to the data collected via your site map. Each Habitat Map has its own goals and actions. To learn more about any action, or about how to change data on your map related to this action, click the link.

How to Set Goals for Your Sites

Ready to set goals for your habitat map? Visit the Map page, open the site explorer, and select the map you’d like to set goals for.


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