Children’s Book Recommendations

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For the little people in our lives, here is a collection of books we recommend to encourage the next generation of gardeners, naturalists, backyard-explorers, and general lovers of living things. Share these special stories with the children in your life.

**Books are organized by publication date.**

Crow Not Crow

Author(s): Jane Yolen, Adam Stemple, illustrated by Elizabeth Dulemba
Publication Date: August, 2018
Description: A sweet tale of a father introducing his child to the wonders of bird watching.

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On Duck Pond

Author(s): Jane Yolen, illustrated by Bob Marstall
Publication Date: April, 2017
Description: The first sequel to On Bird Hill where the journey of a little boy and his dog continues to a vibrant pond where baby birds are born, frogs croak, and turtles sunbathe.

A Nest is Noisy

Author(s): Dianna Aston and Sylvia Long
Publication Date: March, 2017
Description: This book is filled with gorgeous art coupled with fun facts regarding the nesting activities of various animals such as birds, insects, reptiles, and mammals.

Composting: Nature’s Recyclers

Author(s): by Robin Koontz and Matthew Harrad
Publication Date: September, 2016
Description: Describes what composting is, what goes into compost, and why composting is beneficial.

Am I Like You?

Author(s): Brian Scott Sockin & Laura Erickson
Publication Date: August, 2016
Description: A mother and son engage in a fun game of “Am I Like You?” with each bird they discover together on a nature walk– personality, coloring, habitat, and other characteristics of North American birds are discussed.


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On Bird Hill

Author(s): Jane Yolen, illustrated by Bob Marstall
Publication Date: May, 2016
Description: A boy and his dog discover the joy of finding a nest on a beautiful day, in a beautiful place, on Bird Hill.

An Egg is Quiet

Author(s): Dianna Aston and Sylvia Long
Publication Date: March, 2014
Description: The beauty and mystery of eggs are revealed in this lovely book about eggs–where they come from, who makes them, and the beauty of those precious quiet moments before hatching.

How Groundhog’s Garden Grew

Author(s): Lynne Sherry
Publication Date: February, 2014
Description: Squirrel teaches Little Groundhog how to plant and tend a vegetable garden.


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About Birds: A Guide for Children

Author(s): Cathryn Sill and John Sill
Publication Date: April 2013, 2nd Edition
Description: Text and illustrations introduce the world of birds from eggs to flight, from songs to nests.

Those Darn Squirrels

Author(s): Adam Rubin and Daniel Salmieri
Publication Date: September, 2011
Description: When grumpy Old Man Fookwire builds feeders to try to keep birds- the only creatures he likes- from leaving for the winter, he finds himself in a battle with clever, crafty squirrels who want a share of the abundant food.

Those Darn Squirrels and the Cat Nextdoor

Author(s): Adam Rubin and Daniel Salmieri
Publication Date: May, 2011
Description: Grumpy Old Man Fookwire’s new neighbor has a cat that threatens his beloved birds, but the pesky squirrels figure out a way to solve the problem.

Who Will Plant a Tree?

Author(s): Jerry Pallotta and Tom Leonard
Publication Date: April, 2010
Description: Seed dispersal is a great ecological service that many animals engage in. From dropping them while flying-by to disposing of them through digestion, this fun book explores the various ways seeds become planted.

Connected Wisdom: Living Stories about Living Systems

Author(s): Linda Booth Sweeney
Publication Date: September, 2009
Description: Parable-like stories from around that world that encourage young readers to think in systems and appreciate the complexity of the living world from an early age.


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The Curious Garden

Author(s): Peter Brown
Publication Date: April, 2009
Description: Liam discovers a hidden garden and with careful tending, spreads color throughout the dark, gray city, in this imaginative picture book with an environmental theme.

The Tiny Seed

Author(s): Eric Carle
Publication Date: March, 2009
Description: The story of a flower’s life cycle is told through the little seed that eventually becomes a flower and then, once more, a seed.

On Meadowview Road

Author(s): Henry Cole
Publication Date: April, 2007
Description: Upon moving to a new house, young Caroline and her parents encourage wildflowers to grow and birds and animals to stay in their yard, which soon has the whole suburban street living up to its name.

The Seed is Sleepy

Author(s): Dianna Aston and Sylvia Long
Publication Date: March, 2007
Description: A sweet seed-filled book that captures a child’s imagination and curiosity about seeds and plants.

Birds Build Nests

Author(s): Yvonne Winer and Tony Oliver
Publication Date: February, 2002
Description: Birds’ nests vary enormously, from the most amazing delicate hidden pouches to vast tower-like structures or even shallow hollows in the ground. There have been over nine thousand species of birds identified worldwide. This book highlights just a few of these birds and their interesting and diverse nests.

Oh Say Can You Seed?: All About Flowering Plants

Author(s): Bonnie Worth and Aristides Ruiz
Publication Date: March, 2001
Description: In typical Dr Seuss rhyme, this book explores the magic of plants, their parts, their activities, and their life-cycle through time.

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The Reason for a Flower: A book about flowers, pollen and seeds

Author(s): Ruth Heller
Publication Date: February, 1999
Description: In a rhythmic style, Heller creatively teaches the audience about the parts of a flower along with the role and purpose they serve in the natural world.

Birds, Nests, and Eggs

Author(s): Mel Boring
Publication Date: January 1998
Description: Through art and activities this book will help young readers to identify 15 North American species of birds along with learning to recognize their nests and eggs.

Jack’s Garden

Author(s): Henry Cole
Publication Date: March, 1997
Description: Come to the garden that Jack planted. You will see seeds and seedlings, buds and leaves. You will meet birds and bugs and butterflies. And best of all, you will watch the garden bloom! And maybe you will plant a garden yourself!

Feathers for Lunch

Author(s): Lois Ehlert
Publication Date: March, 1996
Description: An escaped house cat encounters twelve birds in the backyard but fails to catch any of them and has to eat feathers for lunch.

Owl Moon

Author(s): Jane Yolen and John Schoenherr
Publication Date: October, 1987
Description: The woods are magic, especially on the trail of a Great-horned Owl. Go “owling” with this child and father and learn to enjoy the darkness and “hoo-hoos” of a cold winter night.


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