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Habitat Network is a special community of citizen scientists, gardeners, and community leaders who are working to improve landscaping practices to better support biodiversity. At Habitat Network we believe we have a lot to learn from and teach one another. Thus, we provide a space for people to share their expertise, answer questions, and generally engage with each other‒this tool is called the Forum.

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The power of the Forum is the ability to connect and interact with others who share your passion for wildlife gardening. The first step is to reach out…

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Posting on the Forum can happen in several ways. Using the black site navigation bar at the top of the page, click on Forum. If you have created an account with Habitat Network, your username will automatically be entered into the Forum and you will see a bar at the top of your page inviting you to add a comment.

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If you have not created an account with Habitat Network, you will need to do that before you post comments, ask questions, etc. Users of Habitat Network benefit from posting pictures of plants and wildlife for identification help, asking questions about plants they should add to their garden, or providing advice on how to use the mapping tool. The more you share and interact the more you can learn (or teach!).

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The Forum can also be accessed from your map. Any comments that you add in your Overview in the Recent Activity At This Site area, will automatically appear in the Forum.

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Some people choose to use the Forum for adding details on their map that are not captured in the Characteristics. Or, just to document things they think are important about their site. This is a fine use for the Forum as long as you are comfortable knowing these notes are visible to the entire community.

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Your profile in the Forum can also be configured or customized by adding a picture, a tagline, changing the way your name appears in the Forum, and adding keywords to describe your interests.

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You have two levels of control over your Forum stream. You can turn on or off whether people can post to your stream and you can turn on or off whether people can comment on your activity.

The Conservancy’s Nature Works Everywhere program, with support from Lowe’s, provides grants to over 50 schools around the U.S. annually to build or amend school gardens or other green infrastructure projects on school campuses. On October 21, 2016, o

Photo © The Nature Conservancy (Devan King)

The Forum is a place for you, our users, to engage in more meaningful dialog with each other. A tool for you to tap into the collective wisdom of wildlife gardening. Have a mysterious plant in your yard? Post a picture of it and let the power of the collective solve your mystery.