Need Some Inspiring Design Advice for Your Yard? Submit a Photo

Photo © Sarah

Ever look at someone else’s yard and think, “How did they get it to look like that?” The problem is compounded when you’re not just trying to make a beautiful yard, but one that works for wildlife as well. We are here to help. Our Cornell Lab of Ornithology and Nature Conservancy staff along with out community of participants are a spectacular resource for helping you work through any spots in your yard where you are coming up short on inspiration.

Here’s How

bare spot

Photo © Tony Alter

  1. Find that trouble spot (we all have one)
  2. Take a photo (make sure it isn’t too dark)
  3. Email the photograph to
  4. Include the following information:
  • Your location (State and/or Country)
  • How many hours of sun this spot receives
  • How wet the spot is
  • Anything else you want to accomplish or avoid (outdoor dining, good for a dog, deer-proof, etc)
  • Here’s What Will Happen

    Cornell Staff will review the images and select those that meet basic criteria (image quality, focused on developing spaces for wildlife). Those that meet the criteria will receive a posting date at some point in the future where we will publicly post the image (anonymously). Before it is posted, you will receive an email reminding you of your image’s posting date. Images will be posted on the Habitat Network Learn pages, and reposted on the Project Facebook Page. At that point, experts in landscaping will offer their opinion on designing for wildlife in this space and open it to our broader community.

    Photo © Janie McConnell

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