Ecoregions of the U.S.

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ECOREGIONS connect you to other places with similar weather, plants, and geographic conditions. These are important considerations when planning a wildlife garden or trying to understand how a place you live, work, or enjoy, fits into the bigger picture.

Find your Ecoregion below and click on the text to learn a bit about it.

If you don’t know which ecoregion you are in, click on the EXPLORE tab above and enter your Zip Code in the Local Resources Tool.

Adirondack Mixed Forest Province

Alaska Provinces

American Semi-desert and Desert Province

Arizona New Mexico Mountains Province

Black Hills Coniferous Forest Province

California Coastal Chaparral Province

California Coastal Range Province

California Coastal Steppe Province

California Dry Steppe Province

Cascade Mixed Forest Province

Central Appalachian Province

Chihuahuan Semi-Desert Province

Colorado Plateau Semi-Desert Province

Eastern Broadleaf Continental Province

Eastern Broadleaf Oceanic Province

Everglades Province

Great Plains Steppe Province

Great Plains Shrub Province

Great Plains Palouse Province

Hawaiian Islands Province

Intermountain Semi-desert and Desert Province

Intermountain Semi-desert Province

Laurentian Forest Province

Lower Mississippi Riverine Forest Province

Middle Rocky Mountains Province

Nevada Utah Province Semidesert coniferous forest Alpine Meadow Province

Northern Rocky Mountain Province

Ouachita Mixed Forest Province

Outer Coastal Plain Mixed Forest Province

Ozark Broadleaf Forest Province

Pacific Lowland Mixed Forest Province

Prairie Parkland (Subtropical) Province

Prairie Parkland (Temperate) Province

Puerto Rico Province

Sierran Steppe Forest Province

Southeastern Mixed Forest Province

Southern Rocky Mountain Province

Southwest Plateau Province