Top Five

Great Berries

— for the —

Great Birds

Of Your Region

Ready to think beyond bird feeders and let plants provide food for wildlife? We’ve compiled regional top-five lists of native berry-producing shrubs that are beneficial to birds throughout the year. Many birds that eat insects during spring and summer will shift their diet to berries and seeds during winter, and berries provide vital nutrition to birds preparing for migration. These native shrubs also support insects that birds consume, provide nectar to important pollinators, and are larval host plants for butterflies and moths. And that’s not all – adding native shrubs to your property is a great way to provide a place for birds to nest and seek cover, while enhancing structural diversity in your landscape. Plant them in groups to really maximize the value to wildlife and beautify your backyard habitat.

Header photo credits: Catbird © Laura Frazier, Cedar Waxing © Kevin L. Cole