Habitat Network for FeederWatchers

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As the FeederWatch season starts up this winter, you may wonder about more ways to stay connected to local your birds, year-round as well. Consider improving your effort with the Habitat Network by either creating your first habitat map or updating your existing map, and joining our Official Project FeederWatch Group.


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Did You Know? You can sign-in to the Habitat Network using the same username and password you use to sign-in to Project FeederWatch. Neat, Right?

The Habitat Network is a natural companion project for Project FeederWatch because it builds off your winter feeding activities, giving you a chance to think about your whole yard and how it provides habitat for birds across the seasons.

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Our Guide to Submitting Data
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Direct Link to the Official FeederWatcher Group Page – requires sign-in


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Bird feeders are a great tool for drawing birds out where you can see (and count) them, but during the Spring, Summer, and Fall when we aren’t counting, birds are busy carrying out the rest of their lives, finding mates, building nests, catching insects, fledging, and storing food and fat for winter.


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There are many ways a yard can support birds. The Habitat Network is a great way to start exploring those; or, if you are already an experienced habitat gardener, to show off what you’ve learned and help grow the community of people devoted to using their yards to provide habitat.

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Photo © Lab of Ornithology

Participating in the Habitat Network is a bit different than participating in PFW. For one, there is no need to record birds weekly. Instead, you participate by finding your home on a satellite image and drawing a map that represents all the parts of your home and yard. For information about submitting a Habitat Network check-out our article on submitting data to the Habitat Network.

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Photo © Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Once you have a complete map you can add it to the special group we’ve created, in a partnership with the FeederWatch Staff, especially for people who are participants. Read this article on adding a map to a group to get started, or visit the “Groups” tab above and search for FeederWatch. You can also jump straight to the group’s page if you are logged in.