So, You’re Moving: How to Gift Your Habitat Wisdom to the Next Owners

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Moving is serious business. Most of us invest in the places we live in very personal ways that can be difficult to leave behind. We’ve found this to be especially true for people who are Habitat Gardeners with special relationships to the plants and animals that call their yards home. To soften the transition, we’d like to encourage you to let the new occupants in on your habitat efforts by gifting your habitat wisdom and encouraging them to adopt your habitat map.


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What should I do with my habitat map when I move?

We know moving can be challenging and the Habitat Network Team wants to help make the transfer of your hard work as easy as possible. When we hear from participants who ask, What should I do with my habitat map when I move?, we are touched by how our participants take pride in the work they are doing on their property–and rightly so.

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We’d like to offer you the opportunity to pass on those great ideas–to help the new inhabitants understand and appreciate the work you did to support biodiversity. Hopefully, they’ll be inspired to continue to add to the landscape and become a member of the growing movement of wildlife gardeners.

Moving Article- My Sites List

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First, the map you made does not need to be deleted. Just because you are not residing at the same location does not mean you need to delete the map. The same site can be mapped by more than one user. If you would like to keep your map in your site list, feel free to do so. We recommend relaying that intention to the new owner(s) so that when they see the tear-drop site marker at their address, they know that you’ve chosen to keep the map active.

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We also recommend leaving behind as much information as possible regarding what the Habitat Network is, your site, and the habitat map. To help you in this process complete this this form and we will send you a personalized PDF of your Habitat Gift Document to share with the buyers. This document can be left on your kitchen counter to familiarize the new owner(s) with Habitat Network and guide them to where they can find the existing map of their new property. Or, perhaps even easier for you and your busy schedule, complete the form following the link above and we’ll mail a copy of this to the new owner at a date you specify.

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When completing the form, to find the direct link, click on the Overview for the map and find the Direct Link next to the Pinterest box. Click on this once and the direct URL appears. Copy that URL into the form. In the example above, if a person wanted to search for this map, they would type in the search bar: In order to see the map they will need to create an account with Habitat Network as maps are not public and only viewable by participants in the project.

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In the space provided on the form, share any special insights you want to pass on about the habitat you’ve created. This may include species of plants that require special attention, locations of yearly nesting birds, sharing what wildlife you’ve seen in the time you lived in the house, citizen-science projects you’ve participated in on this site, or any other details that you want to convey to the new owners. They will learn a lot of information from exploring your map, but this space provides an extra area to share information and get them excited about it.

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Habitat Network would like to work with you to decide the fate of your mapping efforts. Once you complete the form, we’ll reach out to you via email and we’ll work together to develop a plan conducive to your needs and moving situation. There is great value in passing on your habitat wisdom–especially for the wildlife that has become dependent on its presence.

Leave on counter

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Once you’ve received your personalized Habitat Network Gift Document PDF from us, place the document somewhere for the new owners to find it–on the counter in the kitchen or in the binder you leave behind. We recommend placing it someplace visible.

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Congratulations! You’ve done an amazing thing by creating habitat that is beautiful and supportive for people and wildlife! The new owners are fortunate to be inheriting your work and will hopefully continue to care for their wildlife-friendly landscape. Best of luck in your next location and we look forward to seeing your new habitat map.