Support Turtles: A Goal for Your Site?

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Turtles often travel great distances between a variety of habitats, like streams and wetlands, forests, and even deserts, in search of resources, mates, and nesting places. Their environments, however, are being drained, developed, or otherwise altered and their routes are often impeded by roads, walls, and other manmade structures. Fortunately, your yard can help provide some of the variety of habitat turtles need by creating or protecting the aquatic and terrestrial environments they are looking for. Creating rest stops like ponds or vernal pools on your property or maintaining reproductive habitat with wild shorelines and sandy areas along creeks and ponds is an excellent way to support turtles. If you already have a pond or a wetland, adding native plants, or logs and rocks for sun perches, are more examples of simple habitat improvements you can install to give turtles more of a fighting chance.

Give these charismatic reptiles a head start at life in a pond near you

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